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Allergy & Sinus Relief

All of Your Natural Allergy & Sinus Remedies

What Are Allergies and What Causes Them?

Allergies are not illnesses nor diseases like some people may believe. Allergies are caused when the human immune system identifies something innocent as something harmful and dangerous to the body to it reacts. Unfortunately this faulty response by the immune system may turn something completely harmless into something very deadly to a specific individual. Allergic reactions may be completely harmless and mimic the symptoms of a common cold, or they may be very dangerous where prescribed medication is required to alleviate the potential harmful immune responses. An example would be peanuts. Peanuts are a natural food that most of us can enjoy with no harm. But for people with severe peanut allergies, their immune systems react in a way that it believes the peanuts to be a harmful foreign object to the point it will cause harm and unless the person acts quickly with their prescribed medications that counteract the response, it could be a fatal response.

Unfortunately, allergies cannot be eliminated by medication; they may only disappear on their own, which is rare. People with allergies are also more likely to develop other allergic reactions and they can develop at any point. Some are born with them and some may develop them later in life.

The good news is Nutrilives is here to help alleviate the everyday non harmful allergy symptoms with our allergy and sinus relief remedies! Always consult your doctor or physician before taking allergy and sinus relief products.

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