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Post Workout Supplements

Feed Your Workout, Feed Your Body

What Are Post Workout Supplements and How do They Help?

Post workout supplements are most often necessary for the elite trainees and fitness enthusiasts that partake in moderate to high intensity workouts! Why? Our bodies need to be replenished and refueled almost immediately after a workout because it just has used most to all nutrients, metabolites, and sources of energy. Most people, especially Americans do not receive adequate amounts of those nutrients from a normal diet in order for your body to recover, grow, and become stronger. Some micro and macro nutrients such as protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, and electrolytes are essential for your body to function properly and to function at its full potential!

  1. Protein is essential for muscle growth and proper functioning. Without adequate amounts, the body cannot recover properly and may even cause muscular damage.
  2. Amino Acids are essential building blocks of protein and aid in muscle growth and recovery as well as other bodily processes .
  3. Carbohydrates are broken down and used as the body's primary source of energy within muscle fibers. Without it, the body lacks energy and cannot properly perform physical activities to its fullest. The body may also steal energy from muscle fibers and proteins by breaking down the muscle to ensure the body can properly function.
  4. Electrolytes are ions that are essential for cellular processes that drive every cell in the body. Cells are what makeup the human body including all organs and bodily tissues.

What Post Workout Supplements Does Nutrilives Offer?

  • Muscle Building Protein Powders
  • All Natural and Organic Protein Powders
  • Muscle Building Amino Acids and BCCA's
  • Electrolyte Drinks Recovery Shakes & Bars
  • Creatine Products to Enhance Muscle Growth
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