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What are Vitamins and Supplements? Do I Really Need Them?

Supplements are not absolutely essential in order to live a healthy and nourished life, but vitamins and minerals are! Vitamins and minerals are required by the body to carry out its tasks for your body to continue to grow, heal, and rejuvenate. All foods contain vitamins and minerals to a certain degree and nutrient dense foods is what our bodies want! When our diet lacks the nutritional needs that our bodies require, vitamin and mineral supplements can benefit greatly. That is not to say that vitamins and supplements is a replacement for those 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables you're supposed to be eating each day. It is more like that helping hand to give you the nutritional needs you may have missed during that long day at the office with no lunch break. But how many people do you know that actually get ALL of their dietary needs? Sadly, most Americans do not receive the adequate nutritional recommendations.


  • 13% of Americans GET the recommended Two and a Half Cups of vegetables per day.
  • 14% of Americans GET the recommended Three Cups of dairy per day.
  • 25% of Americans GET the recommended Two Cups of fruits per day.
  • 27% of Americans GET the recommended 27 Grams of oils per day. About two tablespoons.
  • 56% of Americans GET the recommended 6 Ounces of grains per day. That's about 6 slices of bread, or 1½ bagels.

The question is.... Do you fall within all those percentages? Some of those percentages? One? Don't feel bad if you don't, you're not alone!

What Do I Do if I Don't Get Enough Nutrients?

Nutrilives is here to help! You might be thinking that you feel completely healthy with no illnesses so you must be fine. While that may be the case, many diseases due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies can develop without warning or immediate signs and symptoms. Help your body stay 100% healthy and functional with the assistance of our great selection of Vitamins & Supplements. Also check out our
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